The team of Luxembourg prevented Bulgaria to play for the bronze medal at the European Championship after victory with 29:27 in Varna. So Luxembourg finished at fourth place in Group B with 3 points, while the hosts remained last with 2.

Bulgaria started very badly the game, and after series of four unanswered goals, was slower in the result. Our team managed to return to the game until halftime, when Luxembourg was leading only with a goal – 15:14.

The second part was very dramatic, there were misses in several important moments that deprived the hosts of twisting the result. Three minutes before the end of the meeting, Luxembourg were leading only by a goal – 26:25, but by the very end, Bulgaria failed to crack the tough opponent .

Martin Todorov and Deliyan Iliev both scored 8 goals for Bulgaria, while Jacques Torinzelli also differentiated with 8 goals. A wonderful game for the guests played by the watchman Sharel Heim.

Nikola Dobrev, a Bulgarian coach: “Boys are crying. Too bad for the chance we had – to play for a medal. We gave our strengths out. The young guys obviously can’t endure this psychological tension. I think in the next 1-2 years they need to become mentally strong. Today we didn’t play well in defense. We missed our chance against Turkey yesterday and today against Luxembourg. I’m sorry for what they are going through at the moment. What was needed was just a little bit more.”

Ersin Hussein, a coach of Bulgaria: “Poor game from us, a lot of mistakes on defense, my mistakes. We knew if we won, we would play for 3rd -4th place and I think we got really uptied. This stopped us from the victory. I want to thank all my teammates, coaches and the federation for everything it provided for us. We are very disappointed, we’ll train even harder and continue forward. ”

Adrian Stot,a coach of Luxembourg: “It was a very good game for us. In the second half we were so motivated to finish the group with a win against the hosts. We knew it would be very difficult to play against Bulgaria in Varna, but the guys did a very good job. We were good in attack and very, very good in defense. It was a pleasure to watch these guys’ game. ”

Vincent Schockmel, a player of Luxembourg: “We started very poorly this tournament. We had many difficulties, but the coach told us what we should do and we changed it. We realized that we have a chance against any team and you saw that today we won a very nice victory against Bulgarian hosts. ”

The best players in the game:

Martin Todorov (Bulgaria)

Sharel Heim (Luxembourg)